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Impactor bit drill pipe

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For the impactor bit, because the impactor is generally used to deal with the fragmentation of large granite and some ordinary stones, the bit we manufacture and select has a feature that it will be relatively hard. If we do this bit specifically, the hard bit will have two advantages: one is not easy to be damaged and the service life will be very long, The other is that if the drill bit is hard, our construction efficiency will be very high

for drill pipe, it is mainly a transmission device to convert the mechanical energy generated by the motor into the drill bit as much as possible, because the drill bit directly contacts the rock. Our drill rig not only requires the drill bit to have sufficient hardness, but also requires the drill pipe to ensure the transmission capacity of the drill pipe on the premise of sufficient hardness, Maximize the energy of the motor into the drill bit

the right drill bit should be matched with the right drill pipe to achieve the best effect. Before operation, we should think about what kind of drill bit and drill pipe to use and what frequency of drill. We need to make a plan and match, so as to make the drill use longer and maximize the role of the drill

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