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Impactor drill pipe

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The impactor drill pipe also plays a very important role in the construction operation. If the drill pipe is not used correctly, it is easy to have accidents during the operation. The hardness of the drill pipe is also very high. It mainly plays the role of power transmission and is a very important part. Then we must maintain it regularly

when we use the drilling rig for operation, we should keep the included angle between the drilling rig and the drilling hole at 90 degrees as far as possible to avoid drilling inclination, or excessive drilling wear, resulting in too short service life, etc

we should check and maintain the product before and after each use. If there is wear, we should find out the cause as soon as possible and make corresponding countermeasures. At this time, we should deal with it separately. There are two cases. If the thread is worn evenly and smoothly, this situation is relatively normal, and we can clean it to a certain extent

after using the drilling rig, we should avoid placing it in the open air. We should first clean and air dry the drill pipe, and then apply a certain amount of antirust grease on the threaded parts, wear protective caps, and place it in a dry warehouse or room

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