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Black diamond bit

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Black diamond bit is the main part of drilling equipment. Its main function is to split rocks and form some small holes. Driven by high-frequency motor, the bit will rotate wildly and drive the centripetal movement of a real drill. Through constant friction and vibration, some huge rocks will crack and be separated

when using products, the same products will cause varying degrees of damage and usefulness to the drilling rig in the face of different regional environments, different engineering projects, as well as the specifications and drilling speed frequency of the selected bit. Therefore, we need to make a scientific plan and select the bit scientifically according to the project engineering and design scheme

let's take a look at the price of materials. Diamond drill bits are expensive. Because of their superior hardness and the scarcity of diamonds, the price has always been relatively expensive. Therefore, we can't arbitrarily consider the cost. We should maintain the products and use the products targeted, otherwise the replacement cost in the later stage will be quite high, We should be very careful when using the drill bit and try our best to reduce the damage of the drill bit

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