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Impactor drill

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Impactor drilling tool is an electrical product that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. There are many types of drilling tools, including various sizes and types

generally, the impactor drilling tool has two different characteristics and treatment effects. One is to use the impact force to break the rock, and the other is to use the drilling method, and the back and forth optional drill bits to break the rock

different drilling tools will be equipped with different types of drill bits. What is the equipment to distinguish the two

generally, we choose different drill bits to match the drilling rig through different frequencies. Generally, for drilling opportunities with lower frequency, we will match the harder drill bit, while for drilling machines with higher frequency, we will choose the drill bit with slightly lower hardness, so that we can equip a relatively cost-effective drill with the lowest budget

our company's products are deeply loved by the masses and have a large traffic. We have also been committed to the research of drilling rigs. We hope to design better drilling tools for more customers to screen, improve the performance and service life of the drilling rigs, and try to build the best drilling tools. If we don't know how to match the drilling tools, You can also come to our company for consultation. Our staff will introduce in detail how to match and the characteristics of each drilling tool

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