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Blasting hole drill

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Changsha Black Diamond blasting hole drill is a crawler hydraulic down the hole drill driven by internal combustion engine. It matches the national standard power system and the joint venture brand hydraulic system to provide strong guarantee for the power of the whole machine. This equipment is a DTH Drill specially designed for mining, quarry and construction industries. It is widely used in the drilling process of vertical holes, horizontal holes, stepped holes and transverse holes in various rock drilling projects such as open-pit mining, road construction, foundation pit support and ground anchor engineering, dam foundation presplitting blasting of hydropower station and so on

the self-propelled hydraulic floating chassis system is adopted, which has good mobility to adapt to the rugged road surface on the construction site

the whole machine is equipped with high-power hydraulic motor and heavy hydraulic drill arm to provide system support for strong lifting and high torque of the drill

the drilling tool can adapt to the high wind pressure DTH impactor. During drilling operation, only the DTH impactor consumes compressed air. Therefore, compared with the full pneumatic drilling rig, the fuel consumption of the drilling rig is saved by more than 40%

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