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Well drilling rig

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Water well series drilling rig is a multi-purpose internal combustion driven crawler hydraulic drilling rig carefully designed and lean manufactured by Changsha Black King Kong Industrial Co., Ltd., with a drilling depth of 300-900m. Aperture range 90-450mm. It can meet the needs of Geothermal Engineering, groundwater exploitation, hydrogeological exploration, pile foundation construction and other projects under different geological environments

when drilling in rock stratum, the drill uses DTH impactor for operation and air slag removal. It has a high drilling speed in rock with Proctor hardness f = 8-20, which is several times the efficiency of traditional rotary drill

when drilling in complex formation, the drill can use down-hole impact casing to follow up the wall protection drilling process, which can effectively solve the technical problems of difficult hole formation in loose layer and slow footage in rock layer

the drilling rig can be used for cutting cone drilling operation in loose layer and mud slag removal. It is suitable for drilling under complex geological conditions. The hydraulic high leg travel is 1.3m, and the drilling rig can be transferred for loading and unloading without crane

the drilling rig is equipped with high-power hydraulic traveling motor, high torque hydraulic rotary motor, oil cylinder plate chain propulsion and lifting system, high wind pressure DTH impactor, high drilling footage efficiency and low consumption

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