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Atlas air compressor - large drilling expert series

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atlas air compressor is mainly used in some mining, and its protection is very high. Even if we are in a complex terrain, it basically has no impact on one circuit of the product itself. We can safely bring it into many complex environments for mining

the operating standard of the air compressor is relatively high, which requires professional personnel to operate, otherwise the service life will be greatly reduced. In fact, we don't do much maintenance on it, so we can just carry out basic maintenance and some cleaning, but in operation, we must follow the standard

we should have a certain sense of judgment when operating the machine. For example, if there is an abnormal sound, we should stop the operation immediately, check the air compressor, or if the load exceeds the normal value, we should stop the product. Then check it step by step according to the inspection steps. Only after the problem is solved can we start up again

if you don't understand, you can go to our company for consultation. We have many professional personnel who can solve your problems and help solve customers' problems. It has always been the profit standard of our company

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