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Some little knowledge about well drilling rig

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Water well drilling rig is a kind of large mechanical device, which is mainly used to open up water wells and clean some water wells. The equipment of water well drilling rig includes drill bit, drill pipe, drill frame and other components. Next, let's briefly introduce each system

the water well drilling rig is roughly divided into four systems. The first system is the main working power system, which mainly provides strong and sufficient power for the drilling rig to meet the needs of construction

the second system is the transmission system of the water well drilling rig, which transmits the power generated by the motor to different working units and distributes different power. This is also very important for the drilling rig, which needs regular maintenance and inspection

the third system is the control system. The central control system can control the operation and efficiency of each component, and can accurately control the power output and transmission efficiency to make the equipment run smoothly

the fourth is a relatively unimportant auxiliary system, so its name means to assist the normal operation of various functional equipment, prepare and measure various systems