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How should atlas air compressor be maintained?

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The maintenance of atlas air compressor is relatively simple, but we should also devote ourselves to its maintenance, because it can well prolong the service life of the product and ensure that the newly purchased work efficiency can be maintained after the machine is bought for a long time. Below, Hunan diamond trade will introduce what needs maintenance

the first is the most basic cleaning. Cleaning is divided into several plates, namely, fan blades for heat dissipation, air purifiers, and some places that are easy to get ash, such as some small corners of the control room, which will have a great impact. We should clean them from time to time, as well as heat dissipation. If we can't clean them in time, It will cause too slow or unable to dissipate heat, cause the machine to overheat and may cause damage

we also need to discharge the condensate used for heat dissipation on time, which is a cleaning work. In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, we also need to check it regularly, such as whether some screws are loose, if so, tighten them in time, and check some lines, such as important components such as sensors. If it leaks again, it should also be checked in time, otherwise there will be some serious problems

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